Problems with plugins for Vista and Win 7

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Problems with plugins for Vista and Win 7 Empty Problems with plugins for Vista and Win 7

Post  Admin on Sat Mar 12, 2011 7:51 pm

Please read and follow this page for Plugins problems

you really do “not” need this many DLL’s and in some cases it really has messed up some computers. While some problems have been immediate, others have happened over time.

Also, when you are adding a DLL to your system and it shows you already have the DLL but you wish to override it, save the original just in case you have a problem so you can place it back into the folder.

The majority of plugins are only geared to work with 32-bit as not many of the creators of the plugins have taken the time to update them. I was on a site the other day that stated they were working on it but haven’t gotten that far yet so it’s probably best, if you can, to run everything in 32 bit.


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