Autosave Files Corrupted

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Autosave Files Corrupted Empty Autosave Files Corrupted

Post  Admin on Fri Jul 01, 2011 5:00 pm

I have a few suggestions:

The autosave data is stored in your temp files path (go to file-preferences-file locations and read the location from the "Undo/Temporary Files" location. Autosave data consists of an .ats file that PSP uses to reopen things, and a PSP file for each of your open files. You can start by deleting the .ats file - that will let PSP open normally. Now try opening the PSP files via the browser or file->open. Likely only one of them got corrupted by the freeze, or if you are lucky it was just the .ats file that is corrupt and all of your images are still safe. Once you have everything recovered just delete the psp files from the temp directory

If that does not work, try reset cache, (File Preferences, Reset Preferences, tick reset Cache and then restart (remember to untick after restart).

I think autosaving every 2 minutes is too frequent, try every 10 or 15 minutes maybe?

I hope that helps


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