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I have done some further research on this as to the locations of each individual DLL

ICMFilter.dll is used for the Colour Management (See PSP: Files Colour Management)
Common Path: C:\ windows\ system32\ icmfilter.dll

MSVCRT.dll & MSVCRT10.dll & MSVCRT20.dll MSVCRT30.dll MSVCRT40.dll etc
This is used for Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime program, which means programs like Eyecandy could be written in this programming language and therefore require these DLLs to run the program. However it recommends using the correct version for the program, but without knowing which one is the correct version, suggest add them all!!!!
Common Path: C:\ Windows\ System32\

isreg32.dll is a process belonging to the _isreg32 program . isreg32.dll is a DLL file used by _isreg32 created by Stirling, not alot of information for this one, but I would recommend: Common Path: C:\ Windows\ System32\

Plugin.dll IS used by Adobe Photoshop & PSP and can go into your PSP or Plugins folder and/or Windows System files.
Plugin.dll resolves problems with plug-ins that do not use multiple processors.

Operating System "differences" are not specified.

Download Dlls & there are some .8bf Filters already sorted here:


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