Animation Shop freezing & crashing when using Effects

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Animation Shop freezing & crashing when using Effects Empty Animation Shop freezing & crashing when using Effects

Post  Admin on Sun Aug 16, 2009 7:10 am

I just wanted to share something that has turned me from a raving lunatic, ready to throw my computer through the window, to a "relatively" normal person again (lol).

I had written a couple of weeks ago that I wasn't able to use any of the effects in my animation shop because every time I tried, AS would freeze on me - I'd have to close it and then reopen it again. This has been occurring ever since I can remember. Well, I did some more research on the subject and I found the answer. If anyone is having this problem, this is what to do:

Goto: Control Panel/System/Advanced click Performance then Settings click Visual affects Untick these items: Animate windows when minimizing & maximizing. Fade or slide menus into view. Fade or slide tool tips into view. Fade out menu items after clicking. Slide open combo boxes. Click OK All should be working for you now.

It worked like a charm and I'm finally able to do some of the tags I've been wanting to do. Hope this little bit of information can help someone!


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