PSP8 and PNG files not working?

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PSP8 and PNG files not working? Empty PSP8 and PNG files not working?

Post  Admin on Wed Nov 18, 2009 6:32 pm

I remember there was a problem with PSP version 8 not handling PNGS too well, can't remember the fix for that....but try these;

Firstly check your File format associations

it shows all the extensions you can select to open in psp - well png isn’t there,
so hit EXTENTIONS>ADD then added PNG
Then go back to the file format associations and scroll down and PNG will be there and you can just check it.

You can also do that in Windows Explorer,
Right Click
Open With and select Paintshop Pro
(Or down the bottom select Choose Program and browse for Paint shop Pro an tick always open with this program)

Or Try

File Format Preferences
Select the PNG tab
Select File save transparency to/from layer tranparency
(iIf that one does not work, try the Alpha channel one)

Also, if the File has been saved in a newer version of PSP ie X2 theres a possiblilty your version may not be able read it
However, if it was one or two file you could send to me and I would save it for your version,
but if you have alot of files that may not be a good idea!!

Hope this helps


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