Using Animation Shop with Vista or Windows 7

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Using Animation Shop with Vista or Windows 7 Empty Using Animation Shop with Vista or Windows 7

Post  Admin on Thu Sep 09, 2010 10:01 pm

Animation Shop may not be dead to us.

Do not give up on your Animation Shop program. I had a friend test it for me under Windows Vista and Under Windows 7

Here is what you do IF you have troubles running the program.

Those that have issues on getting the program to run you can try a few things. You right click on the Program File, and set it to run as administrator!


Use Compatibility Mode!
Go to the program shortcut, right click, and choose properties. Go to the Compatibility Mode, put a check mark in the section to run in compatibility mode. In the drop down you will see different versions of Windows. If you see Windows XP select it, hit apply, choose OK. (you can try other versions of Windows from that list)

Let's TEST IT:

Load the program, and see it if allows you to use it to make a simple animation.

To do this follow the steps.

1. Go go File, Animation Wizard.

There is no need to set any settings. The point is just to make sure we can get a few images to switch frames.

Select next or OK until you get to the section where you have to choose a few images. Just select any three images you have (it does NOT matter)

Just click continue, next, OK (whichever) until you're back at the Animation Shop Program.

Now go to View, Animation.

If the animation moves you're in luck.

2. Now lets just test to make sure we can save it. Go to File, Save, and follow the prompts. If you end up with a moving animation you know your Animation Shop WILL work with Windows Vista and Windows 7.

We are not claiming Animation Shop will work for everyone, however a few tests have shown that running as Admin and or in Compatibility mode has worked. For accuracy purposes we are adding a note from Corel below.

Stated on the Corel website for the Animation Shop Product.
This product is not compatible with Windows Vista. Please check this product’s system requirements to determine if this software is compatible with your computer and operating system. Corel is not planning any future updates to this product.

It is my opinion of Animation Shop 3 not being supported anymore has caused the incredible price drop. Considering the prices of other animation programs, I will continue to support and use Animation Shop for as long as a Operating System has the option to run the program as administrator, and or compatibility modes that will run software from earlier versions of Windows.

Please post your experiences here and help others by telling us what version of Windows you're using, and your experience with installing and using the program. We may find some of you cannot get it to work, and with knowing more about your Operating System and the updates... we may find solutions for all.

PS: A few have written not knowing that Animation Shop is its own program, and that is it not a part of Paint Shop Pro. I've put together a news update about Animation Shop, and the rock bottom basics on using it to animate your pre-made frames made with Paint Shop Pro.


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