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Slow Loading PSP Empty Slow Loading PSP

Post  Admin on Wed Nov 25, 2009 7:56 am

What version of PSP do you have?

Clearing Cache PSP7

Open C:/Program Files/Jasc Software Inc/Paint Shop Pro 7/Cache. After opening the Cache folder go to Edit>Select All, this will select all of the items inside the Cache folder. Then go to File>Delete, this will delete all the files you have selected. Note: DO NOT delete the Cache folder itself, only the items INSIDE the Cache folder can be deleted. Doing this regularly will save space on your computer and make PSP work better for you. The cache will be rebuilt the next time you open up your PSP.

Clearing Cache PSP8 & 9

Since there is no Cache folder in versions 8 & 9 you have to have PSP open to delete the files. To do this go to File>Preferences>Resest Preferences and check the Delete All Cache Files option, then click OK. When you shut down PSP and restart it, it will load a little slower, because it is rebuilding the cache file. (the screencaps below are from version 9 but can be found in the same place for Cool

The Corel versions I am not sure if they have a cache file is for this one.....but you can look in Program files Corel and see if you can see them there.

However the main reason it takes a while to load, is if you store all your Brishes/tubes/plugins & fonts etc in the "PSP" folders, the more you have in these folders the longer it takes to load. You need to store these files outside of your PSP folders, with the exception of one or two plugins that prefer to extract their files into the PSP folders.

How many fonts are you loading into PSP Using a font manager will help with this, by having only the minimum standard fonts in your Windows font folder and loading any others using the font manager to load only when you need them and uninstall when you have finished.

I hope that helps


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