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Windows 7 & PSP compatibility Empty Windows 7 & PSP compatibility

Post  Admin on Wed Jan 27, 2010 2:12 pm

Installing DLL Codes to PSP
(Necessary to install for some PSP plug-ins to work)

All DLLs

Make sure that all programs are closed on your computer before doing this installation.

There are two files uploaded labeled 4 DLL's for plugins for PSP and 6 DLL's for Plugins in the files section of the homepage. Download the set indicated for your computer Operating System below to your Desktop.

If you use any version lower than Vista, download the 4 DLL's to your desktop. DO NOT DOWNLOAD THE 6 DLL'S FOR THESE OPERATING SYSTEMs.

Vista download the 6 DLL's to your desktop. DO NOT DOWNLOAD THE 4 DLL'S FOR THis OPERATING SYSTEM.

If you are using ME, unzip the rar file into your C: Windows, System folder. Remember yours are the 4 DLL's.

For XP, unzip the rar file into your C; Windows, System 32 folder. Remember yours are the 4 DLL's.

For Vista, unzip the rar file into your C: Windows, System folder. Remember yours are the 6 DLL's.

For Windows 7 32-bit, unzip the rar file into your C: Windows System Folder AND your C: Windows System 32 folder. Remember yours are the 10 DLL's.

For Windows 7 64-bit, unzip the rar file into your C: Wndows/SySWow64. Remember yours are the 10 DLL's.

Do all this with everything (all programs) closed.

This is an informational tutorial only. There will be no lesson submittal for this. When you get to some of the higher lessons, if plugins do not work in PSP, you might have to reinstall them, as they do get corrupted.
Windows 7 and Vista Users: there is a tutorial for changing DEP and UAC settings if you have plugins that still do not work.

If you still experience problems with Vista or V7 try this;

This worked for Windows 7 operating system, and we will see if it works with XP and Vista as well.

Keep in mind that making modifications to the two areas will have some effect on the Microsoft security features. One is your DEP settings, the other is you UAC settings. I recommend to my students that they have a firewall and anti virus program running at all times as well as current with all updates, & that they keep their Windows updates current, anyway, and with the following changes it may be essential that you have these in place. You as the user of your computer makes the decision, weigh the pros and cons, to decide as to whether or not you will make the changes as indicated below.

DEP - stands for Data Execution Prevention. This is in place on computer operating systems XP, Vista, and Windows 7. Locating them is the only difference. I can only tell you from the Windows 7 standpoint since that is what I am running on how to locate them. With more feedback from others we can determine where the other Operating Systems are located and if it has any effect on the issues.

To locate DEP - Click on START (bottom left corner of your task bar (has the Windows logo on it)
Control Panel - click it
System and Security from the list click on the Words "System and Security", not the options that are available
Click on the word "System" in the next screen
Look for the Advanced System settings on the left side listing (the bottom one in the list)
Click it
A System Properties box will come up and on my computer it defaulted to the Advanced Tab. If yours does not, click it.
The top option is Performance, and there is a Settings button
Click the Settings button
A Performance Option box will come up, it has 3 tabs (Visual Effects, Advanced, and Data Execution Prevention)
Click the Data Execution Prevention Tab
Mine defaults to the Turn on DEP for essential Windows programs and services only.
This is what we want.
Click OK twice to return to the System screen

Next is the UAC. This is where when I made the changes, that it really had an effect on my PSP X2 and the plugins I have had issues with (Xenofex 1, Ulead's, and Eye Candy 3.1 for all version of PSP that I am running)

UAC - stands for User Account Control.
This is a security feature of Windows 7, and I think Vista (again will be able to say for sure with more feedback for users of XP and Vista) to prevent harmful programs from making changes to your computer.

To locate this, activate your Control Panel from the Start menu
Look for User Accounts and Family Safety and click on the words "User Accounts and Family Safety"
In the next screen click on "User Accounts", again click on the words, not the options that are available.
In the white area of the main screen, at the very bottom is "Change User Account settings"
Click it
A screen with a slider bar on the left side will come up. The top of the slider bar is "Always Notify", and the bottom is Never Notify. In between both are two (2) more settings. Mine was defaulted to the 2nd from the top.
Slide this slider all the way to the bottom; "Never Notify" (The display on the right side will tell what the settings do for your security if you decide to change to it)
Click OK.
You will have to Restart your computer at this point for the change to go into effect.
Once your computer has restarted, open PSP. For me, the plugins I had problems with were working, and I hope they will be for you as well.

If all else fails try this one;
Virtual Windows


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